About us

Conform Studios is a Melbourne based studio run by Daniel King and Matt Breen. We offer one of a kind handmade designs perfect for both practical and aesthetic purposes.
Who We Are:
Daniel is a graduate Graphic Designer with three years of experience. He has a strong history in developing new brands and creating unique graphic art for customers across the globe. His work extends from Australia into the American and European markets, allowing him to draw on a huge range of influences. This in-depth understanding of current global trends has played a major role in the design process for Conform Studios.

Matt is a graduate architect with over six years of experience. He currently works with luxury high end design in the Melbourne market for an award winning architectural practice. Matt also works on architectural projects with Indigenous communities in Australia and Papua New Guinea through a prestigious Melbourne Institution. His detailed understanding of additive manufacturing combined with his diverse range of work experience has enabled Conform Studios to become a reality.

Both Daniel and Matt are passionate about producing high quality individual pieces. Their design experience and desire to create a truly unique product has brought them together to create Conform Studios

What We Do:
We currently offer a range of concrete vessels that are designed to serve as pots, vases, stationary storage or even candleholders. Conform products are versatile with a huge range of uses in the home, office or event spaces. Our products are hand poured ensuring that each product is truly unique.

Why Choose Us?
Conform products are all sealed for weather proofing to create a durable product which can be used indoors or outdoors. Only the highest quality pigment is used in creating each individual pot to ensure that the colour lasts a lifetime. Due to the unique hand pouring techniques used in each vessels creation, every individual piece is guaranteed to be a unique one of a kind product.